Prendiamo un caffè? (Fancy a coffee?)

Images via Miller + Miller Wedding Photography

Good morning readers! As every morning, I started the day with an espresso… and now, I’m on my third one… by the end of the day, I will have drunk 5 or 6 cups.. Being Italian, this is a reasonable amount of coffee per day.

Coffee is a very social thing in Italy. All day at work Italian’s spend their time working between espressos (always in small, steady doses and rarely with milk!).

Therefore, if you are coming to Italy, you should be prepared at the question: “Prendiamo un caffè?” (“Fancy a coffee?”). It’s our way to socialise! …and by the end of the day, you may feel like caffeine had been injected straight into your veins. Not worries, you get used! :)

Talking about weddings, if you are a coffee lover, or simply you want to immerse yourself (and your guests) in our traditions, you can incorporate in your special day a bit of the “Italian Art of Drinking Coffee” with coffee beans used as decors.

Here, lovely ideas for a coffee themed wedding. Perfect if your are creating a rustic ambience, with natural and rough elements like rope and twine, wood and burlap.

…I’m sure you will surprise your guest with original details and unique and strong fragrances!

Images via Elizabeth Anne Designs, Weheartit

Images via The Sweetest Occasion

Images via Wedding Chicks

Images via Millie Holloman Photography

Images via Follow Pics, Weheartit

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